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Ucchtar Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal-Delhi

Ucchtar Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal-Delhi of education under the guidelines of national education policy 1986 Govt. of india. and proggrame of action 1992 Govt. of India. It has been constituted to regulate non formal Primary, Middle, Secondary (10th ), Higher Secondary (12th )

Ucchtar Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal-Delhi

It has been constituted to regulate non formal Primary, Middle, Secondary (10th ),Higher Secondary (12th ), education and other vocational courses ( Under Self Employment Education Scheme) in India . With the help of educational experts to educate un educated boys, girls, men and women to uplift ment the literacy in india. So that they can serve society effectively and with dignity . Board may impart education with international techniques and with stress on morally, mentally, physically and socially personality.

Ours is an autonomous body and all educational boards / universities are autonomous bodies. Each educational organization having discretionary powers . According these powers every board / university / state Govts. / Central Govt. of India having the liberty and right to take own decision either to allow or refuse any admission / service. But we do our best to make success the non formal education proggrame . All the education proggrame run by the board is board's own autonomous education proggrame. Legality, Validity, Utility of the education proggrame is strict conformity with the constitution of India and law of the land under Article 19(1)G, 29 & 30.


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